Are you moving into a new home, or ready to make your current space suit your life and needs better? a couple

A part of creating a home you love, and a life you love to live, is to become conscious about the impact your surroundings have on your emotions, comfort, and your life outlook. Our homes, furnishings, colors, artwork, and more reflect our inner world. They can either nurture or stress us. Support our growth or hold us back! I offer services to help you create a home and life you love.

Would you like to learn more about how color, clutter, and design can impact you?

The following pictures and exercises will help you begin to understand and develop your personal style.

What's Your Style?

First thing is to know there are no right or wrong answers, just your experience and preferences. a couplePlaying with pictures, like the ones below, will help you develop a stronger sense of what you like and don't like in rooms, and what experiences you want more of. The colors, furniture styles, architectural design, clutter levels, and more, make up our experiences in different spaces. Simply by developing your awareness of your preferences gives you powerful tools to support your life and well being.

The following pictures and exercises will help you begin to understand and develop your personal style.

Round 1

To begin, look at the picture below. Focus on the picture and notice how you feel or what you experience looking at it. What do you notice? Calmness, stressed, serenity, agitation, energized, warmth, coldness, comfort, depressed, or happy? transitional room

Now do the same with this 2nd picture. modern cool room

And 1 more bedroom. traditional room

As you compare the 3 pictures and your experiences, what do you notice about your likes and dislikes? If you are in relationship do this process separately and then together and see where you agree and where you differ. By the way, as designer I help couples find the style that works for both of you.

Round 2

Next try the same process with living rooms. living room

Living room number 2. modern living room

The final living room. living room

Next Steps

Now make it personal! Walk into a room in your home or office, or even the room you are sitting in. Stop - close your eyes for just a moment, then open them and take in the room. What do you feel or experience in the room? Is it what you would like to feel in this space?

You can continue to play with pictures in magazines, on tv shows, etc. As you look at more and more rooms you will find there are some you are drawn to and some you dislike. The trick is to begin to dissect what is it about the rooms you don't like. Colors? Clutter level? Style of furniture? Simplicity or fussiness level?

This can be the start of having a clearer sense of what feeds vs. irritates you in spaces. If you feel confused or unclear - don't worry! There are many layers and elements to what we experience in our spaces. With a conscious design services you can receive assistance in getting clear about your preferences and get a personalized plan to create spaces in your life that feed and support you in living a life you love.

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Nancy Allin

Nancy Allin is an interior designer, certified counselor, and life coach. She has been serving the Seattle area since 1993.

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